Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catching our breath.

What a crazy week! It was a shock to be told this morning that it was Sunday. I don’t remember consciously identifying Friday or Saturday. Jennifer and Laura (our daughter and niece) had been planning a cruise for months and I told Jen that Tom and I would keep Bryce for a couple of days while she was gone. So on Wed night, we picked up the ‘boy’ to keep till Saturday morning. {A pic from Christmas}

Now Bryce is three, and he was three the whole time he was here. LOL. He is the sweetest, most curious, most active three year old we have has since his mother was three. To make matters worse, I got a call on Wednesday about noon for a job that started at 4:00pm that day. That meant I would be on the computer non-stop for at least a week. It is a great job that I can do at home and have been looking forward to getting some work from this company.

So now we have a different situation from when I told Jen we would keep Bryce. I usually keep him occupied so Grumpy (that is what Bryce calls Grandpa) can keep his sanity. Now it was Grumpy’s turn to keep him busy and away from me as much as possible.

Now Tom is not the patient sort, as most of you know. He is also an engineer, which means he likes all his ducks in a row. A three year old with the attention span of about 3 minutes was a challenge for him. His ducks were scattered all over the house. He finally found a website: that has great games for all ages of kids. They then sat happily [at least Bryce was happy] at the computer for hours counting dogs and cows, doing puzzles, playing word football and cleaning attics. I think this would also be good for those who think their minds are going. Tom told me his mind was going.

Anyway, Saturday morning finally came and we passed the tyke back to his father. It was a joy to have him and he had a good time. Jen, just a note: if he asks for ice cream every night before bed, he wants to eat it right out of the carton like Grumpy does.

I will be working on this project for at least another week so will be burned out on the computer and probably not posting. Until I do, God Bless and Keep You.

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