Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quiet Day

Today has been kind of a nothing day for me.  I am getting over another cold and just taking it easy. I will be glad to feel better again.

Tom started back from Tulsa with the RV. It will be a hard day for him. Spending 2 days driving is really hard on the body.  He had our son-in-law, Julius, take a picture out the window so I could see where he was.

BRRRRRRRRRR. I told him to get back to Texas ASAP.

After 10 hours, Tom made it home with the RV. It sure was good to see it! [And him, hehe.] He did 1001 miles in 2 days. Quite an achievement. I hope the next time we take the RV on such a distance we can have a couple of months to do it.

Now we get some rest, tomorrow is a day for making decisions.  God Bless and Keep You.

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