Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A restful time. Canyon Lake, TX

Friday last was a real surprise to us. We got up early and headed to San Antonio. Tom and I were to meet an estimator to give us a price on what it will take to ensure the mobile is connected and stablized properly. When we got there we found the deadbolt lock to the door was broken. We could not get in.

We called Chris and Tammy, who had been in the mobile a couple of weeks before and they said it was working well at that time. They headed our way. Julius and Kimberly were in San Antonio because Kim had an appointment and they arrived shortly there after.  The estimator and his son came as we tried to get in. Then Charlie, our neighbor and air conditioner man arrived with his fiance, Michaela. It was a party by that time as we sat outside and tried to figure out how to get in without breaking a window.

As a SAPD sergeant, Chris has seen a lot of break-ins.  He grabbed a hammer and with a railroad spike [question: who keeps a railroad spike in their car?] he broke the lock casing and unlocked the door. After a couple of more hitches we were in.

Now we had a broken lock. Tammy called Chris' nephew, Sean, who is a locksmith and about 15 minutes away [God provides]. We got him busy replacing all locks on the outer doors. Another expense we were not counting on .

Once in, Tom and Julius went through every room deciding on the work to be done. There is quite a bit. If we are going to live there we want it to be the best we can get it.

After we were done there we all went our separate ways. Tom and I headed to Canyon Lake to see Jay. We ate and talked and did nothing else. It was a very restful time and we really needed it. Sunday morning we got up early and headed back. We had left Dieter outside while we were gone and I wanted to get back to him since the temperature had dropped to the 30's at night.  He loves the cold, but I was still worried about him.

Now it is time to get the house ready to sell. I am really dreading cleaning my office/hobby room.  It is a disaster.  LOL.  Until next time, God Bless and Keep You.

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  1. Hi Sis. You and T hang in there. I am looking forward to J & I joining you in retirement. I love you both. C