Monday, February 1, 2010

So much to do, So little time.

This past week has flown. I worked almost all week which was good. I did not get my hobby room cleaned up, which is bad.  I am too embarrassed to put in a picture. Forgive me all you non-messy people. Anyway, I have to get busy and finish what I started in there.

We have completed 2 rooms with new paint and cleaned the outside of the house [actually Julius did all the work]. We were hoping to get the house on the market by now but just can't seem to get there. Julius and Kimberly are in San Antonio now getting the work done on the mobile. Once it is finished we can move some of the furniture we are keeping there and hopefully can make the Katy house more 'showable.'

Tom took a contract with Dresser to finish up a couple of projects he was working on before he retired. He will have to go in one day a week but most of the work can be done from home. He is happy about that.

Neither of us knew retirement was so much work. Tom figures it will be 6 months before we can really relax. With so much to do, selling the house, moving, working part-time [although I don't think Tom will do much more part-time, he likes not getting up at 4:30 in the morning] there has been very little fun yet.  We are hoping to take a 3 month RV tour this summer after the new grandbaby is born. No idea where we will go yet but it is something to look forward to.

Well, I have to get back to that messy hobby room. God Bless and Keep you till we meet again.


  1. Hang in there. It gets easier. Take a little at a time and see you soon on the road.

  2. Yes, once you retire, you will wonder how you ever had the time to go out to work.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX