Monday, February 22, 2010

Time Marches On

The days seem to go by faster and faster these days. Tom has been working on his contract job and I have been sewing a lot. Remember how I was cleaning my hobby room? Well I came across some really pretty fabric and got sidetracked and made some placemats. I have always liked Crazy Patch and took these scraps and made these four placemats.

You can't see the whole thing but I really like how they turned out. I need to get some Scotchguard before I try to use them. I think I will make some more.  But First - I have to get back to cleaning the hobby room now.

The San Antonio house is almost finished. As soon as the new carpet is installed, hopefully this week, I will start moving in. Tom will stay here as long as he is working and the house is not sold. We need to get some of the 'stuff' out of the house before we put it on the market. Target date is now March 15th. It keeps getting pushed back. I know it will go really fast once we are able to use the other house. 

The diet is going well. Another couple of pounds each. We are in a groove now.  I am really looking forward to Spring. This cold weather is a pain. Once it gets a little warmer I am going to drag out the bicycle and try to navigate the hills in the park. Wish me luck.

Until next time, God Bless and Keep You.

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