Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moved but not moved.

Tom and I spent last weekend getting settled into the San Antonio house. The movers were really quick and we were unloaded by 2pm on Friday. It went really smooth and had no incidents on the way. That was unusual for us these days.

Now the focus will be on selling the Katy house. Not much furniture is left in the house. We are selling the king sized medical bed because it is just too much. All that is left in the house is the office furniture and the bed.  We have boxes to move but are not going to worry about it much. We will take boxes while we go back and forth and getting rid of whatever we are not going to move. It has been hard deciding what to keep and what to dispose of.

While I was waiting for the movers to arrive in San Antonio I got a call from one of the contract companies I am registered with. They had a long term (6-8 week project) they offered me. I was really happy to get the offer. I start on Monday, March 15. Surprisingly enough, the job is in Houston. I will be living in an extended stay hotel in north Houston. It is a good contract and will take me to around the first of June. Tom's contract with Dresser will be about the same time so we will be busy. Our new grandbaby will be here by the middle of May. Mother and baby are doing great.

I am hoping we will be able to take a trip this summer. Something to look forward to.

Till next time, God Bless and Keep You.


  1. It's so great hearing all is going well. I'm glad you're posting so we can keep up. I'm hoping to meet up with you before long, we're on the move, finally. Good luck with selling the house.

  2. I am enjoying your blog. We used to live in Katy, TX....Oak Park Trails off Mason Road by Cinco Ranch. Miss in Sunset, LA now. We are same ages as you and your husband, same # of kids and grandkids! I can relate somewhat...husband has just gotten inspired to sell all and live in RV to travel and save money. I'm not sure it will save a whole lot...since I want a nice rig...I love my home....we live in a nice area...just don't know if I'm ready to sell all. I'm thinking 3 years or so...I'm work from home (Mary Kay Sales Director) and can do my business on the road. He is retired (took early since had back problems) but does do odd jobs for cash flow. He'd have to workkamp......I have been researching since he mentioned this idea to me. My middle daugther and her family live in a 40' Motorhome in Calif (they are travel nurses). Wayne spent a few weeks out there with them and became envious of the the lifstyle of the fulltimers he met while staying in their campground. Well, I'll stop for now...just need all of the info I can get. Any light you can shed would be appreciated!