Sunday, June 27, 2010

What happened to June?

Another month has just flown by. Coming up on the end of June and it seems like it just started.  Tom and I have been very busy at our new home. It is interesting to note that although we have owned this place for about 12 years, we have never really lived here. It is a double wide mobile home that we bought when the kids were going to college. After looking at the cost of dorm and apartment housing, it was just lots cheaper to buy this and let the kids live here. Over the past decade it has been home to Jennifer and Kimberly several times. It has been empty for the past 2 years and when this retirement thing came up it just made sense to move into it. We are closer to Tammy and 3 of our grandkids and it will, when we get finished redoing stuff, be much lower upkeep than the house.

Kimberly and Julius worked really hard cleaning, painting, supervising workers getting it ready to move in and we have finally gotten just about everything put away. Our next big project is to re-build the back deck. After all these years, the boards have taken a beating. Now they are cracked, split and just plain dangerous. So, we are doing that the weekend of July 16th. But before that we deserve a treat...

Las Vegas here we come! Our bestest friends, Gary and Lora Flemming, who are living in Korea, are in LAS for some kind of convention or something.  We will fly there on the 30th for a week to see them, gamble a little and probably play a lot of pinocle. We just can't wait!

The house in Katy is still not sold. If you are a praying person, we sure could use some. We want to get on the road, but really can't do it until we no longer have the house expenses. If you are thinking of moving to Houston, give me a call .

God bless you all and I hope you keep following the Traills.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The move is done.

It has been quite an eventful month for the Traill's. We got a new grand baby, Tom and I finished our contracts and we have moved to our mobile home in San Antonio.

First things first, Evelyn Lucile Patton was and is the prettiest baby in the nursery when she was born. That is not just prejudice, Take a look for yourself:

See? Was I wrong?  No. She came into the world by C-section being breech and has been asleep every since.  She just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.  One of these days she is going to wake up and Kimberly and Julius are going to have a whirlwind on their hands....

Tom and I both had contract work for part of May. He has decided not to do any more for the company he retired from. I hope to continue to get a couple of contracts a year for extra money, but that is work from home kind of stuff. I don't want to live in anymore hotels if I can avoid it.

So, the house is on the market and we decided it would sell better if we were out of it. It took a little time but we are totally out of the Katy house and totally in San Antonio. We keep throwing away more and more stuff as we empty boxes, but it seems to grow as we unpack. Are we violating some law of physics or nature? Something like: "Necessary items increase in direct proportion to the amount of space decreased in a downsize move, therefore there is never enough space for everything..."

Anyway, there is a bit of repair work to be done to the house and we are hoping to get a call soon saying the house is sold. We are going to Las Vegas to see our good friends Lora and Gary who are living in Korea. Obviously they are going to Las Vegas also. It would be hard to see them in Korea from Las Vegas... duh.

May God bless and keep you....