Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 10 Year of Decision - March Madness

(San Antonio, TX)  For those of you who think March Madness is about basketball, think again.  March Madness is deciding to go full-time and giving yourself 7 weeks to get 'er done!

I did not post this weekend because I was up to my arse in alligators. I told you on Friday that my sister Carol was coming in to help me sort my craft stuff to get it ready to sell.  Well we have only made a small start and this is what my living room looks like:

Tom will be back from Houston tomorrow and he is going to croak! I can hear it now, "Damn it Donna (btw that is his pet name for me), I thought you were getting rid of this stuff! Between your crap and the dog I can't even walk across the floor." Yes, honey, I know.  When we sell the living room furniture there will be more room to stack my crap.

NOTE:  I should tell you that I have these conversations in my mind all the time preparing for the real things.  Sometimes I get pretty close.

The plan is to get all my stuff sorted and priced for a craft sale we are having in Corpus Christi on May 15th.  That will give us time to do the same thing at Carol's before then.  She and Jerry (her DH) are going full-time next year sometime. After seeing the disaster facing me, she decided to get a much earlier start on clearing out her crafts. 

Of course, today there is someone coming to replace the kitchen floor in the mobile because it has started to buckle and we can't lease it out like that.  He may run away screaming when he sees the mess. He will need to pull out the refrig and dishwasher... hmmm maybe I can move the dinette table against the wall...

The moral of that story is: (1) Buying stuff on a whim will come back and bite you. (2) Selling stuff on a whim will make you get rid of that one thing you really needed to keep. (3) And finally, Damn it Donna, at least stack that stuff against the walls so I can walk from the kitchen without breaking my leg.

The adventure continues.


  1. Carol did have a successful craft sale a few years ago. After the sale, what is left can be donated to Driscol Children's Hospital. The volunteers there will have a field day making stuff for the kids.

  2. That truly is his pet name for you! That got me rolling. But seriously, don't break daddy's legs!