Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 4 Year of Decision - Misunderstanding Moments

It has been a whirlwind weekend and the list of things to do just keeps getting longer. The house is a wreck because we have been selling furniture. My clothes are in a plastic bin on the floor and I can't even find my purse.  Still, we have emptied some more from the house and we are one day closer to our dream.

I have to tell you about a discussion Tom and I had today.  I think about it now and laugh but at the time I was really ticked and so was he.  It all started with 4 inches.  Well, really it was 8 inches first.  Then it got divided by 2 and became 4 inches.

We were sitting in the RV after taking out the storage area under the queen bed that we removed yesterday.  Tom started explaining how he was going to build the storage under the twin beds we are putting in. Well I am not really on the same page with him when he gets into his 'engineer' mode.  I just know what I want and expect him to figure it out.  So...

He said, There's an 8 inche overlap over the storage box. I think I am going to equalize them and put four on each side." 

I said, "You can't do that because that will leave a hole against the outside wall. "

He said, Doing that will support the mattress better and keep it from sagging."

I said, "No you can't do that because it will leave a hole against the outside wall."

He said, "Damn it Donna, I am not going to put any holes in the outside wall because I will bring it in 4 inches from the wall."

I said, "No you can't do that because it will leave a hole against the outside wall."

He stared at me and then started yelling that I didn't know what I was talking about and blah blah blah.  Well, that is pretty typical so I paid my usual amount of attention to his ranting (none really).  After 41 years of marriage I can pretty well predict how these things are going to go. I let him ramble and show me how I was wrong and told him to do whatever he wanted to do.

He said "Your going to have an extra 4 inches of storage between the storage box and the outside wall."

I said, "There will be a hole that things would bounce around and in and out of while we were driving.

He said, "Damn it Donna, there won't be a hole, the top would cover the hole.

I said, "No, the top would not cover the hole because the hole would be in front."  (I bet the women reading this get the picture.)

Well about 30 minutes later he got it!  There would be a hole in the front against the outside wall. It was in front of the box not on the top of the box. 

He said, "I will put in a  f***ing plug to cover the d*** hole against the outside wall."

I said, Thank you, honey.  That is all I wanted.

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