Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 5 Year of Decision - Demolition continues

Scratches, scrapes, punctures and cuts, these describe our day today.  Demolition on the interior of the RV continues with the removal of the drawers and carpeting in the bedroom. Tom has this tradition of never working on a project without donating at least a little blood.

There is not much room in the little bedroom, our RV is 27' and the bedroom is 81" deep x 96" wide. The twin beds are 78" long and 40" wide.  When you do the math it is kind of a "what?" moment.  Not much room but the design is pretty good.  Tom cut his leg, arm and one hand removing the drawer in the picture.

The other side contributed with scratches on his arm.  Me?  Well my job was ripping out the carpet which meant my hands were in constant contact with the staples they used on the carpet.  However, due to my expertise and careful attention to detail, I did not damage my nails at all!

The next step was to reverse the doors on the overhead cabinets so they would open from the center rather than the side.  We had expert help with this from our youngest daughter, Kimberly.

And Evelyn was in charge of the water supply:

We felt really good about the day. Demolition in the bedroom is finished.  Design for the bed supports is complete but we plan to do all demolition this week and build the new stuff next week.  Tomorrow, on to the dinette!  Grampy gave Evelyn a lift back into the house in time for dinner.

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