Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 7 Year of Decision - Errands and Family

(San Antonio, TX)  Friday, March 25, 2011 - Today was really busy from start to finish.  Tom left early to drive to Houston to spend the weekend with his 2 brothers.  Bill flew in from South Carolina and the three met at Mike's house in Spring, TX.  It has been a while since they spent some time together so all were looking forward to it.  Tom left his garment bag with all his shirts in it and had to stop and buy shirts for the weekend.  He was complaining that he was planning to get rid of shirts, not buy more!  I however, believe he has a lot of shirts that could do with replacing and this was a good thing.  :)

I stayed home and waited for my sister Carol to get here for the weekend.  We were planning to get a head start on going through my craft room and deciding what I just can't live without. Of all the jobs I have to do in the next month this will be the hardest.  I am a quilter/sewer (I am really offended that sewer and sewer are spelled the same.  Making quilts with a needle and a waste disposal system have very little in common. I believe sower and sower would be better.  One creates things with fabric and thread and the other grows plants and trees and ideas).

I have been collecting supplies, rulers, fabric, thread, basically a stash of things for years. Now I am limited to taking a small box that holds only the essentials and multi-taskers. Linda Payne of told me a couple of years ago that it would be hard, and I believed her. Now I am beginning to really understand the emotional cost of going full-time. Belief versus understanding. The head acknowledged a long time ago that most of our possessions would be gone one way or another. It is very easy to say, we are going to sell all our stuff and live in the RV. It is quite another when you finally get down to the nitty-gritty of what to keep and what goes. Hmmm... Enough of my personal sob story.

Anyway, we did not get that head start because the water to the park we are living in was shut off for the day. Since we could not throw stuff away, we went shopping.  That makes sense, doesn't it? Ok, we just really ran errands and purchased things that were on the list to buy and we had a great time doing it.  It is my personal opinion that sisters make the best friends.  They are required to love us no matter what we do or say!

After coming home and getting dinner we just collapsed and went to bed early.  We will get that head start tomorrow... or Sunday...

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  1. Ohh, I do remember the sorting and throwing out and watching our things dwindle. Once it's done you don't remember what you had, and you'll never miss it. It gets easier. Hang in there. You'll love it. It's the decision to actually go full time that is the hardest.