Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 7 Year of Decision - More of the same

Today was another of those days where I got nothing done.  I sort of remember having babies in the house and maybe I am wrong, but I did get some things done during the day. Gramie gets nothing done while Evelyn is in the house. I think two days a week is plenty.

Tom, on the other hand, had a good day. He ran the cable from the cable box to the center of the overhead cabinet in the bedroom and ran power there also.  Instead of the bedroom TV being in the back of the Entertainment Center, we moved it to be in the middle of the room facing out.  We are putting our heads on the other end of the beds than usual.

Then he and Evelyn decided to go ahead and take out one side of the built-in dinette.  That and the table will be replaced with my office/desk. 

Tom has come up with a nice design so that we will both have computer space and a place to eat. We will not have recliners or a couch but I think this suits us much better.  We have never really been the sit on the sofa and watch TV people.  We sit at our desks, play computer games and watch TV out of the corner of our eyes. 

A couple of other things were settled today as well. We are having the kitchen floor replaced before we move out and got that set up for Monday.  Also, I think we may have found a buyer for our Blue Leather living room set.  I am hoping to hear from them this weekend. 

Carol, my sister, will be here tomorrow while Tom goes to spend the weekend with his brothers.  Tom's older brother Bill is coming in from South Carolina and they will meet at younger brother Mike's house.  Should be fun for him.  No telling when they will get together again. 

Carol and I will be cleaning out closets, sorting crafting supplies and just enjoying each other's company.  Sometimes you just gotta have a sister fix.

In the meantine, I am hoping these baby steps we keep taking will add up to a giant leap toward getting everything done in time.  Stick with us as we brave the trials of getting rid of more stuff.

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  1. So proud of how well you're working together on this project!!! And thanks for taking us along. :)