Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 15 Year of Decision - The Adventures of Tom and Jerry

Picture yourself in a little house beyond sound and space. Tape measures lay about, sawdust flies through the air and the sound of drills fill your senses.  Tada: You have entered the Construction Zone.

The past couple of days have been so very hectic. Evelyn was here for three days which means I did very little. Tom was out of town. At least the floor in the kitchen is finally in and looks great.  Thank you Julio.

The front porch is being re-built for safety reasons. Thank you again, Julio.  But the work on the RV has ground to a halt.  I keep saying, we have 5 weeks, we have to do the RV first. Now we have 4 weeks, we have to do the RV first. So we called in the calvary.  My sister was nice enough to marry the calvary about 43 years ago.  His name is Jerry.  So for more than 40 years we have been Donna and Carol and Tom and Jerry. Go ahead and snicker.  Everyone does.

Anyway, Jerry is now doing the construction on the RV while Tom works with Julio on the safety issues that we can't leave undone.  Step 1: starts with a discussion; Jerry on left, Tom on right.

Step 2:  Always have to get those measurements.  Measure 11 times cut once. It is interesting to see that the RV is so small that they don't even have to stand up to measure where the beds are going:

Step 3: How many engineers does it take to change the blade in a circular saw?

Step 4: Keep him penned until he goes cross-eyed and then buy him a Shiner Boch.

Stay tuned folks, for more Adventures of Tom and Jerry.

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