Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 18 Year of Decision-Construction Update

After a rush trip to the nail salon for an emergency manicure, I am able to type again.  You just have to take care of these things quickly so they don't escalate. 

The weekend is over and a new week begun. We have made so much progress on the RV revamp that I thought I would post some before and after pics.  It is not completely done yet but the difference is really amazing.  This is what the dinette area looked like as Tom took out one of the seats:

That area is being converted to a desk area for me.  We are very computerized and both of us require space for our computers, monitors and stuff.  We left the seat against the wall and built in a desk that sits on top of 2 file cabinets.  Tom's file cabinet faces out and mine faces left.

I think it turned out great.  There is very little leg room but anyone who knows me knows I always sit indian style anyway.  A leftover from being short and my feet rarely touch the floor anyway.

The bedroom is quite different now.  We originally had a queen sized bed that took up most of the area and was really hard to get in and out of.   The drawers under the shirt closets and the under bed storage area were removed

The carpeting was removed on the basement frame that is used as bed support and the plan to build supports for twin beds is developed.

The two beds have storage underneath the matress support.  The half wall is actually a headboard that will be completed when we get to Corpus Christi in May.  Notice the entertainment center on the right.  This was revamped for our electronic equipment and flat screen TV.
Turned out nice.
There is still a number of small projects to get finished.  There will be a cabinet in the bedroom that will add additional storage for clothing. It has a cedar floor to help keep bugs from taking up residence with us.  We have decided not to share our sleeping space with anyone or anything.

There will be more to come. It is really exciting to see it come together.  26 days to move out.  The adventure continues...

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