Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 28 - YOD Have I said I hate garage sales?

The past couple of days have been pure hell-o for me and Tom. Getting ready for a garage sale (in our living room), when I really hate garage sales, has us back to the Damn It Donna stage. We have gone through every closet, every drawer and every cabinet. What I discovered amazed me.  We have spent years collecting JUNK!

J is for Justifying the purchase when we knew we did not need it.
U is for all the Ugly pictures, nick nacks and plastic things we have stuffed everywhere.
N is for Nothing we have should be priced more than $5.00.
K is for we should have Known better than to waste money on this stuff.

We had a couple of people call and ask if they could come early and take a look at what we had.  Of course, I say.  I did not realize what I was saying. We were not ready. These were professional Garage Salers.  They came in threes and anyone could tell by the look in their eyes as they surveyed the disaster area they were ready to deal.  They started pointing, how much, is this for sale, will you take $3.00 for it? I was so confused that I did not remember what we said on this and that.  They may have taken advantage of the garage sale virgin.  I hate garage sales.

Today was spent creating order out of chaos. I think we have it now. We have a plan for pricing and strategy for out-witing, out-lasting and out-playing these professionals. Everything is a dollar! VCR = $1.00; TV  = $1.00; sauce pan  = $1.00; you name it  = $1.00.  I think it will work because I learned how to count in 1st grade and no one can out-count me!

I am tired and my back hurts so I am going to bed. Tomorrow is the big day. Tune in next time to see if the plan worked or if Tom saying Damn It, Donna are you going to give away everything we own? Have I said I HATE GARAGE SALES!

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