Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 30 - YOD Garage Sale OVER

Okay, I survived it.  It was pretty bad though. Made about $1,000 which is good, had people asking about guns and jewelry, which is not good.  I just told them with 3 daughters any jewelry I might have had was gone and if I had a gun I would have shot Tom for making me have a garage sale.

We did get rid of a lot of the JUNK I referred to in the last post. It is really amazing that people would buy some of the stuff we had out.  Of course, I did use my one dollar back up price. If I did not know what it was worth, it was one dollar.  There is an emotional cost to getting rid of things.  It was hard for Tom and me as well, to let some of the stuff go.  I had a pottery bean pot that belonged to my great grandmother Henley that went to a neighbor. I could not sell it for money so I gave it to her as a gift. She will use it to cook frijoles.

Tom watched as gifts we had received from the kids went to new homes. One was a carving of a dolphin jumping a piece of driftwood that our super talented son-in-law Chris made for us.  It sat on our mantle for years. Tom had to leave the room. 

We also sold our second car today. Our niece needed a new car and we had one we were planning to sell so we sold it to her.  It was a real joy to see her excitement and to watch as she and her son drove off in a good, dependable car that will last her for years.  It is a Buick Rendezvous CXL, a perfect soccer mom type car with all the bells and whistles. 

That was one of those decisions that make you feel good. Could we have gotten more for it selling it to someone else? Of course we could. Would we have been smiling and laughing with the buyer as we explained how to turn on the seat warmers? Probably not.  She will enjoy the car and we will enjoy knowing she has it. God Bless you Laura and Gage.

The decisions we are making now will impact the rest of our lives. We have chosen to minimize the number of 'things' we have in order to maximize the number of experiences we can have. When making a decision like that, there are always trade-offs. We believe the material things we are getting rid of now will be replaced with memories that will fill our hearts and our days.

I am going to call American Veterans or Purple Heart and have them come get what we have left. I am not going through the stress of another garage sale.  If it won't sell on E-Bay or Craig's List then it gets donated.  We have 13 days till we are gone from here and off to Corpus Christi. I would rather spend them loading and re-loading and arranging and re-arranging the RV than face another round of people rummaging around. 

Our prayer is that God will continue to shine His light on us, help us to make wise decisions and encourage us to move in His direction. If you have a moment, agree with us before God as we go on.  Thanks. 

The Traill's continue...

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  1. Good post. Laura is indeed excited about her new car. As i told you this afternoon before we left, stuff has intrinsic value only if there is space to store it.
    We too will soon be experiencing the pain and joy of purging.
    PS my truck is still on the lot. Carol and are going to negotiate a deal Monday AM.