Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 33-YOD It is coming together

The living room emptied out after the garage sale and so did the master bedroom. Furniture gone, the only thing left is dog hair in the carpet. Progress is being made. Then Kimberly brought some of her furniture and the living room and master bedroom is filling up again.

We are down to Tom's room and the kitchen and pantry. With 12 days left we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Like a jumping toad we go from milestone to milestone. Up next is getting the pantry and kitchen sorted.

What condiments to you really need?  If you bought the thyme when your youngest child was born and she just turned 31, should you throw it out or just move it again?  And please tell me, who bought sauerkraut and put it in my pantry. Yuck.  I have nightmares of my childhood when my dad stunk up the house with the stuff.  That is definitely not going. Just the necessities:  Flour, sugar, shortening, baking powder - okay, I can bake a cake.  Oatmeal, raisins and pecans - cookies. 

And when did I get 7 skillets? Oops, my bad. Alton Brown would say at least one is a saucier ( french pronounced sauc-e-a).  Considering I stopped cooking seriously about 25 years ago I really don't need 3 dutch ovens. Maybe I should let Tom pick out what he wants, he is a much better cook than I am anyway.

So, that was my plan last night. It is a good think I didn't post it because today was a Damn it, Donna Day. For those of you not intimately knowledgeable with Tom and our mutual dynamics, I am sure you are confused by Damn it, Donna Days. Those of you who know us well are just nodding in agreement.  I will attempt to explain.

I am a bit of a free spirit. Tom is an engineer. I am always coming up with "scathingly brilliant ideas" which usually gives Tom work to do.  He is a planner, plotter and precision performer. This means everything takes twice as long as I think it should and he feels like I am always rushing him.  I tend to be impulsive and he is totally plan oriented. Plan the work, work the plan. That bores me. How in the world have we stayed together 41 years? God only knows. And I mean that sincerely.

Anyway, today was a "Damn it, Donna you are overloading the RV day. You can't keep putting more and more stuff in there, we won't make it up a hill."

"We took out the heavy stuff with the queen bed and hide-a-bed sofa," I say sweetly.

"But you are putting twice as much back in there and the weight distribution is way off!"

"Am not and there is nothing wrong with the weight distribution." I reply.

"Are too and you don't understand weight distribution." he yells.

It continues from there but you get the picture.  So to solve the issue I tell him, lets just go weigh the darn thing.  That will give us a starting point and we won't be yelling at each other (scathingly brilliant idea).

That will take hours! Well, it took two hours. And worth both of them.  You see, after weighing the RV I still have 1,000 pounds to play with.  Na Na Na Na.

So, tomorrow will be pantry day and hopefully not another Damn it, Donna Day.


  1. Ha! Very funny!!! I can't wait to read the posts from the road...I can see it now....

    You are posting from the middle of nowhere.... and something runs out from nowhere....and the trailer won't stop because you have 7 skillets (I mean 6 skillets and 1 sauce-e-a) in the trailer! LOL. D*** It Donna!!!!!

  2. I bet your side is heavier than his side.

  3. Hi Donna,
    Mike Traill commented on your link.
    Mike wrote: "you go girl"

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    Tammy wrote: "This post cracked me up. Thanks for making my evening brighter. "

  5. Julia Mayrant commented on your link.
    Julia wrote: "It truly touches my heart to know that some things never change.. and some times "no change" is a good thing.. and sometimes.. "Damn it Donna", you just have to let Tom be the scathingly brillian Engineer he's always been, and you continue to be the scathingly brilliant "ideas woman".. Great combo in my book!.."

  6. Mike Traill commented on your link.
    Mike wrote: "OH YEA"

  7. At first I was just concerned with how to build things inside that would be secure. Now its all about weight and distribution of that weight. The more I read the scarier it gets. Trying to understand and then calculate the GVWR's of the truck and trailer and then the GCWR of them both. And then to determine the FGAWR/RGAWR of the weight applied on the rear axles due to trailer tongue weight affects the front axle of the truck. BAH, "DiD" you got too much weight on your side and under your bed. Anyone else want to take a crack at the calculations?

  8. Tammy Traill Preuss commented on your link.
    Tammy wrote: "Very true Julia. "