Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter - My Testimony

I know it is not politically correct to express ones religious, political or financial beliefs. I also know that we all have them.  It is not my intention to condemn or judge anyone elses beliefs, only to rejoice in expressing mine.  (DISCLAIMER).

I am a Christian, I am proud of that. It gives me hope, confidence and much comfort. Jesus came into my life when I was a young, unhappy girl. My father was an alcoholic and he took a bribe and was fired from his job. Our mother could not make enough money to support three kids while he sat in bars in the afternoon saying he was looking for work. We were doled out to relatives, my sister, brother and I. I was really angry. I went to live with my great-aunt and uncle who had no children.  After me, there was no way they wanted any kids.  I was mean, spiteful and hated everyone and everything.

My great-grandmother Henley also lived with us.  She was ancient (at least to me) and she kept snuff in her closet. I thought that was the funniest thing.  She would go in there and get a dip while I snuck around watching.  She ate cereal for breakfast most mornings with me before school.

One day she started talking to me about my meanness. She kind of intimidated me so I didn't smart off to her. She introduced me to Jesus at the breakfast table as a friend I could always rely on. I did not understand the saviour part for a long time, but it did not matter. Here was someone who would never leave me, never send me away, and loved me even if I was a terror. My Grandma gave me a gift that day that has never left me. Jesus is still with me today. He is still my friend, but as I grew up he became more. He is my healer, of both body and spirit. He is my comfort in times of sorrow and fear. He is my joy in times of happiness. He is my saviour who offers eternal life.

Thank you for reading to here and letting me share the most important moment in my life with you. We celebrate Easter with bunnies and eggs, baskets and hunts, and that is okay. For those of to whom Easter means more, we celebrate the Risen Saviour who died for the sins of the world and rose to give us eternal life.  All He asks is that we accept him. I am glad I did.

Tomorrow I will go back to the amusing adventures of Damn it, Donna.  The last couple of days have been trying. God bless and keep you in His loving arms, today and always


  1. That's a beautiful story, Donna. I'm glad that you took your Grandmother's advice and that it changed your life so much for the better. It is too bad that children have to go through that kind of turmoil.

  2. My DS has become my loving sister, both flesh and spirit, and my best friend after my Lord and my DH. We all suffered during those growing up years. However, Jesus was with all of us, even Dad, and we give all praise to Him for loving us then and now. C

  3. Julia Mayrant commented on your link.
    Julia wrote: "I have known you for 47 years.. and we share many stories along that journey of time.. This is a story you've nevr shared with me.. Thank you for sharing it now.. I too am so glad that you accepted him that day.. And over the years you have been such an inspiration to me and have been my lifeline in so many ways.. Thank you for your friendship thru so many years of my life.. You will always be my sister in Christ.. and heart.. I love you!"

  4. Thank you dear Julia. It is not a pretty story by any means but it is a true testament to the loving kindness of Jesus. Please remember, no matter the distance, no matter the misunderstandings, no matter the disagreements, you have been and always will be my BFF.

  5. Another story of Amazing Love beautifully told. Reminds me of the chorus of the wonderful gospel song "He Touched Me".
    He touched me, Oh He touched me,
    And oh the joy that floods my soul!
    Something happened and now I know,
    He touched me and made me whole.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this, I enjoyed it very much. Jesus is amazing <3