Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time out for the Royal Wedding

One day left till we start our RV adventure. One day till the Royal Wedding.  Both have great significance.  My friend Herbie asked what the big deal was with the wedding and was it a girly thing?

That really started me thinking. I am 59 years old and the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana held me rapt. That was my Royal Wedding. Now, looking back on the years following that spectacular event, I can't help but feel sorry for anyone who marries into that dysfunctional family.

For all the pomp and ceremony that will occur while we sleep, it marks the beginning of a new monarchy. Yes the Queen is still there, Prince Charles is still next in line for the throne, but the reality is Prince William and Princess Catherine will have all the publicity and intrusion the British press and paparazzi can possibly print.

William may want to protect her from the peasants but my thought is he should mainly protect her from his family. The Queen decides what her title will be and whether or not anyone likes it will control her from her appearances to 'encouraging' an heir and a spare.  Don't think I would like Her Magesty asking if I was pg yet.

Anyway, I wish the very best for them both. I won't be watching the wedding. That is for the new generation to experience.

Instead I will be sleeping (or not), excited and stressed to get the final things packed, stored and/or loaded into the RV. That is what is significant to me. That is what makes me feel like Royalty. King Tom and Queen Donna Lou, heading into the future, reigning over our little home on wheels.

God bless.

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