Friday, May 27, 2011

OMG we bought a Class A Motorhome

The past several weeks have been really frustrating. Except for Jay and Shalmir's wedding, which was totally awesome.  I am so happy for them. The wedding was totally beautiful (as was the bride).

 They have been off to Jamaica for a week in the sun and surf.  Enjoy you two.

So, we were planning to leave after the wedding for Cagle Recreational area of Sam Houston National Forest for Memorial Day weekend.  Well that is what we planned. While at Potter's Creek Park we kept having breakers pop.  Oh no!  We called a RV repair service that makes RV calls and were told the breaker box needed to be replaced. This was on Monday. We will order the parts, no problem.

Tuesday, we will order the parts, no problem.  Call from repair guy, should we order the parts? Yes, darn it. (Tom talking,  expletive's changed for Gage).  Order the parts!!!

Wednesday, We take the RV to shop for work to be done and check into Howard Johnson's for 2 nights, just in case.  The parts were ordered and arrived at 5:30 pm.  Oh no, they did not send the circuit board with the box.  How could they miss that little detail?

Thursday, we are still at HOJO's but call to see if RV will be ready.  Oh no, they did not deliver the circuit board until 7:30 pm.  The repair shop was closed... jeez who knew they would knock off so early??

Friday, we check out of HOJO's and go to breakfast.  What are we going to do today? Oh no, no RV, no hotel, temperatures in the low 100's and the dog in the car.  We could drive around all day but with gas prices as they are...

We decided to go look at 5th wheels.  Just for fun. In the course of our travels we ran across a used 1998 National Dolphin. This is an immaculate 35' Class A Motorhome. New carpets and floors, 53k miles, nothing needed but someone to drive it.  Tom volunteered.  It is really more than we ever asked for. It is a consignment sale that is priced just right for us.  So we bought it.  I am still in shock.  Tom is happy with it as well. 

Now we have several issues. We have to sell our current truck, buy a toad, arrange for our son in-law to take our current baby RV and store it for us. On top of all that, we got hired by a gate guarding service that wants us to go to work next week.

We are going to be busy this weekend.  I would like to say, however, all this was accomplished with only one DID.

When Tom went to answer the door for the RV service tech he tripped over Dieter and out it came, "DID this place is too small for us and him." I did NOT say, "Come on now, surely you can see something that big when it is in front of you!!!"

Luckily, God answered this prayer pretty quickly, before it became the Dog or Me.

We are now at Kimberly and Julius' house in San Antonio until we can take possession some time next week. 

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