Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ready to rock and roll!

After long thought and not knowing what the future will probably bring, I have decided to rename the blog but have no idea what to name it. If you have any suggestions, just let me know. I would like your input.

Today is the first day of our Retirement adVentures. We have officially moved out of our San Antonio home and spent our first night together in the newly revamped RV. We laughed a lot as we fought through the stacks of stuff still waiting to be put away. Tired and aching from moving and using muscles that I thought had atrophied long ago, we fell into bed. Tom turned over and immediately I heard, “Ouch! Damn it, Donna, I just hit the cabinet with my knee.”

Yes, it is really close quarters in our rolling home. It will be very interesting to see if we can actually live together, in this togetherness. ROFL. Today was spent organizing and reorganizing and trying to find just that little niche that will hold just a little more. There is not a muscle in my body that does not ache today. I am looking forward to a couple of days of rest.

Tom has the truck packed and tomorrow we roll. First stop Corpus Christi. We will be there a couple of weeks doing the finishing touches on the interior. Minor things like cabinet doors to keep our clothes from falling out at each move have to be finished.

I spent the day re-organizing the kitchen and pantry storage areas. I think I probably have at least 20 items that can be thrown away but who knows. It is hard to decide what is really necessary. The day ended in ecstasy. No, not what you are thinking. Lizz came with her table and gave me a massage that worked out a lot of the kinks! She has magic in those hands. Thanks, darling for the gift you gave me.

I am done in and going to bed in a few minutes. God bless you all.

DATE: May 1, 2011

Current Location: Kim & Julius’ house, San Antonio, TX

Mileage: 31402 starting adventure

Weather: 90’s with a 20% possibility of rain

States visited since May 1, 2011: Texas


  1. I vote for Retirement adVentures. That may be a bit long so how about something like DID. It fits the phrase that will most likely be common phrase on the road. Drive safe, there are no obstacles down the driveway.

  2. Along the Traill
    Follow the Traill
    Happy Traills
    Traills in a Trailer
    or just
    Damn it Donna!

  3. Julia Mayrant commented on your link.
    Julia wrote: "God bless you both as you bring your long time dreams to fruition.. May you be a blessing to many along your journeys as you have been to so many where you were planted.. Care, blessings, love and joy I send to take with you as you begin your new journey in life.. I love you both!"

  4. Mike Traill commented on your link.
    Mike wrote: "Good luck Brother and Sister.May god be with you for all times.Please be carefull and take really good care of each other.Love to you..."

  5. Jennifer Traill commented on your link.
    Jennifer wrote: "my poor father! I hope there are less Damn it Donnas and more sweetness posted here too!"

  6. Gary D. Flemming commented on your link.
    Gary wrote: "Turn West from SA..........straight ahead until you reach Japan, turn right.....stop just before you reach the DMZ. Supper will be ready."