Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Renovation is finished at last.

All the work we started in San Antonio is finally finished.  I will post pictures soon on a special page I am going to do on renovations. It is still to messy to actually let anyone see.  LOL.

It has been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks here in Corpus with Carol and Jerry. Not just the construction, but several milestones were reached as the month has passed.

We held a craft supply sale last Sunday afternoon.  Carol and I have been quilter/sewers since the early 70's. As such it has always been necessary to have every gadget, ruler, book and fabric on the market. It has long been many a DID around our house whenever Tom actually looked at the incredible stash of stuff I have collected over the past 35 years. Carol is the same.  We decided to have a sale. With my 8 moving boxes full of stuff and her unknown amount stretched out on tables on the driveway it was truly a moving moment. We saluted the past and awaited the throng. And so they came.  We did not think to take a picture until most of the stuff was gone, but here is a glimpse.

We were incredibly successful and both of us made bunches of money. Still it was a little sad seeing our collections leaving us.  After taking the money I told the ladies, "From our stash to yours, with love."  They humbly understood the sentiment.  All quilters are a little nuts.

Saturday last we were privledged to watch as our niece Laura crossed the stage to receive her degree magna cum laude after years of working, being a mother and studying. It is always such a joy when we can watch our progeny succeed in their life. Below is L-R - Michele Houk (my niece), Laura, Carol

Attending our youngest grandaughter, Evelyn's first birthday party the week before started the month of milestones. We will surely miss seeing the grandkids as we adventure forth but it is not so bad when we can webcam with them. Technology is grand!

One last milestone is coming up. My big brother, Jay is getting married this coming weekend. I am so incredibly happy for him.  He has been single for many years looking for the right woman to share his life with. He was smart enough to grab her quick when he finally found her.  Jay and Shalmir, I am looking forward to watching you exchange your vows on Saturday.  God bless both you and your marriage till He comes again. 

So milestones galore. They are wonderful but Tom and I are ready for some peace and quiet on the road.  The past couple of months since the decision to go full time was made has been exhausting. Now it is our turn. Going where we please, doing what we want. And right now what we want more than anything in the world is to dump the black tank.  We have only used it sparingly since being at C & J's but it is full. I mean ... FULL ... full. The fragrance is starting to permeate and we are checking out of the C&J RV Resort and Used Car Lot today and moving to Lake Corpus Christi State Park and its lovely dump station.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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