Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back in San Antonio. TX

When we last heard from the Happy Traills they had just had a wonderful weekend at Goliad State Park, Goliad TX.  Time to get back to New Braunfels for a new generator.  A lot has happened since then. It is hard to decide what may be of interest and what would be just too much information. Here goes.

We got back to New Braunfels and (#1) had to wait an additional 2 days for the generator to get in and when it did, we took a hotel room till the generator was changed out. All this time we had been talking to a company that does gate guarding for oil drilling sites. It is a couples job and they hire RVers to man the gates.  They had been calling and calling all during this time to see if we could go to work. We decided to take a job for a month or two to replenish the bank account after so many unexpected expenses.

When the generator was done, (#2) off we went to Carrizo Springs, TX:  also knows as Rattlesnake Flats, Scorpion Heaven and on the underground railroad for illegals coming in from Mexico.  We took over officially at 8:00 pm on  Friday night. (#3) At 3:30 am on Saturday morning I woke up with a Kidney Stone. I have never had one but Tom was sure that was what it was, having had two.  By 8:00 I was in such pain I was throwing up. I called another gatekeeper couple and asked if one of them could man the gate while Tom took me to the hospital.  Doctor ordered a CAT Scan and sure enough there was a big stone. He said drink lots of water and check back in a couple of days and gave me pain pills.

On Tuesday I went back to hospital hoping they would remove it. I did not know that Carrizo Springs did not have a urologist. They don't do surgery.  I was going to have to go to Laredo, San Antonio or Corpus Christi. (#4) I picked San Antonio because the kids are there. They shot me full of pain killers and I made the drive to San Antonio in about 2 1/2 hours, a very long drive for me. Tom had to stay on the gate.

It took them a while to get to me in the ER, but Kimberly came and got them on the case.  They admitted me for a procedure on Wednesday. I did not even know what procedure. On (#5) Wednesday they put in a Stent from kidney to help relieve the blockage that had developed. I went to Kim's on Thursday and spent the weekend with her.  On Monday (#6) I went back to the doctor to find out what was next. I finally got a plan from him.

At this point I wanted Tom to come back.  All this time he had been working in 110 deg heat on 16 hour shifts getting very little sleep and less food, no time to cook.  It had been Hell week for him. This is a whole other tale. I just said come back, I don't care if the gate is guarded or not. So he came back in time for surgery #2.

Seems the stone, about the size of his fingernail, was stuck real high up and was causing a blockage. This had really agitated the kidney and it was too inflamed to mess with.  He put in the Stent to give it time to rest and heal. (#7) This led to second surgery to remove the stone yesterday.  YAYAYA they got it all. He had to blast it apart and it took quite a while but that part is done.  He left in the Stent and will remove it (#8) on Tuesday 7/5/11 if I have no complications.

So that is the Saga of the Stone. I am praying for no complications.  We have parked in a very nice RV park and will be staying a month. I want to be completely healed and Tom wants to piddle around the coach, doing stuff for a while.  It has been a very hard month and we just need down time. Hopefully I will have good tidings when next we meet.

Happy Traills to you.


  1. I'm so glad to hear from you. You've been through quite an ordeal! Glad you're here and able to tell us about it!

  2. Oh my! I just found your blog and read through your adventures. Hope things have settled down and your travels are full of FUN adventures. Interested in the gate guarding thing. We had planned to be a bit more financially stable before hitting the road fulltime, but as you know... the best laid plans...

    We'll be back in Austin the beginning of September for a couple of weeks before heading to Kansas for a little Amazon adventrue. Hope to read more of your adventures soon.