Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just a Swimming - Lake Whitney State Park 08/05-06/2011

Nothing much going on for the past couple of days.  It was great to just hang out at the park and go swimming when the mood struck. It has been too hot to do stuff in the afternoons so we got some silly computer games we could play to pass the time.  We have no television service here so it is really quiet in Flipper. 

I thought we would be really bored without television, but I don't even miss it.  There are very few shows worth watching so I find myself reading or computing most of the time.  Who knew?

We spent a full afternoon deciding where to go for the rest of the month.  It was really fun researching the areas in and around Austin-San Antonio.  Our family reunion is at Potters Creek Park (Army Corps of Engineers Park) on Canyon Lake Labor Day Weekend.  We have four weeks to get there, and it is only about 150 miles, so we are taking the scenic route.  Waco Lake, Stillhouse Hollow Lake, Granger Lake and Lake Somerville, each for about 6 days before heading to Canyon Lake.  Lots of lakes to see and fish.

This is short because we are traveling today.  Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Happy all

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  1. Sounds like a good time in Central Texas. Maybe we will run into each other in early September. Between doctors appts we're anxious to check out some of the area parks!