Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dang it's been a long time since I updated this! 09/15/2011 - 11/20/2011 Catarina, TX

Hello you all!  Thought I would take a little time and update you on our status.  We have been gate guarding in Catarina, TX since September 15th. This is a great site and we have been treated really well by the managing company. When we first got here, was only one rig and the processing facility.  It was real easy to get into a rhythm. Since then we have had up to 4 rigs and anywhere from 200-300 incoming vehicles a day.  Tom checked out the logs and figured out that we have logged over 8,000 semi's. trucks and cars in 2 months. For each of those incoming is an outgoing.  So that is more than 16,000.  We were both really surprised by that.  We will be back to only one rig after Thanksgiving and I bet we will be really bored!

This is me in my security vest and windblown hair.  

This is Tom actually reading a book while eating breakfast. He has lost a lot of weight since we have been here and learned how to read.  I remember all those years with him complaining about me reading at the table.  ROFL  Note the security vest and skull dew rag!

We work shifts, me from midnight to noon and Tom from noon to midnight.  We don't have time off together because the gate has to be manned 24/7.  This is the worst part of the job. The best part is the paycheck.  We are planning to stay through January 20 and then will go to San Antonio to be there when grandbaby #6 arrives. 

We wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  May memories, family, friends and good food surround you this year. 

Happy Traills to you.

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  1. We are happy that you guys have found your groove.