About Us

My name is Donna Traill and this is my blog. I have had several blogs and websites over the years but believe this will be the most interesting. I am 59 60 years old and my DH Tom is 64 65. He retired last year and we are going full-time RVing. Our plan is to try it for one year and see how we like it. This blog is about our Retirement AdVentures.

We have three beautiful daughters, all grown up with kids of their own. They have given us five awesome grandkids so far. Who knows if there will be a 6th.  The sixth came in January 2012. God has really blessed us.  We have lived in Texas for most of our lives (both Tom and I) and are ready to see more.
Tom was/is an electronics engineer and retired after 25 years with Dresser Inc. He is very much the engineer in all that he does. You will probably hear me complain about it.  I say he is obsessive-compulsive. He says he is a planner. He likes to draw things on pencil and paper. He likes to know where we are, where we have been and where we will be next year this time. This whole plan for taking the next year is stepping out on faith for him. It is totally out of his comfort zone.

Donna (me) is more of a free spirit. He thinks irresponsible and flighty. I have had numerous professions in my working career because I like change. I do tend to get bored with the same thing over and over every day. I am looking forward to just heading out and seeing where we end up. This is totally within my comfort zone.

So, do you see the problem here? Hence, Damn it Donna, what have you gotten us into this time. There are three things that are of utmost importance to us:
  1. We love the Lord our God and want to serve him always.
  2. We have been married 42 years so we are living proof that even the most opposite of people can actually make a go of it.
  3. We love our children and grandchildren and plan to spend every dime we have so they will have the joy of knowing how to make it on their own.
In conclusion, I hope you will check in with the Happy Traill's as we adventure on.

Oh yeah, I will be adding pictures to this page as I get some decent ones. Tom takes great pictures, mine look like prison photographs.