Rocking 5 Gate Guarding

Catarina, TX        September 15, 2011  to ?       
I have not shown you where we are and how we are set up so that is what this will be about. The Rocking 5 Ranch is 5600 acres of brush and oil wells. There are 25 holes drilled and we are expecting 15 more so the job here will last quite a while. We like it here and are reluctant to let the gate go to someone else. Anadarko Petroleum has been wonderful to us and really take care of all our needs.  The landowner, Mark S. is great.  He and Tom have become friends and he kills deer and makes Tom venison jerky.

This is the front gate. Our MH is on the right and the light tower on the left when coming in.

This is the MH which faces east. Having faced west, we LOVE facing east! Tom has made us a nice porch and when the awning is up we have shade early.

This is the view from our MH door. We got the light tower within 2 weeks of setting up here. Because we are 13 miles from the border to Mexico we have many illegals making the run very close to us. It was so dark at night that they could come very close to us without us even seeing them. When we told the land owner of our concerns he made sure we had the tower. It makes us feel much more comfortable being able to see what's coming.

This is the view behind the MH. These are the trailers that keep us going. The white generator with the white 200  gallon diesel tank for it and the black 525 gallon potable water tank. The green one is our personal septic system. Most gate guarding locations have a storage tank that has to be cleaned frequently. This processes the waste in place and sends it on its way. No muss. no fuss. Bless you Gate Guard Services...

We work a 12 hour rotation. I work from midnight to noon and Tom works noon to midnight. It seems like long shifts, but we both have a busy time and a down time. It is quiet at night unless they are fracking, so we can stay inside and do stuff. Tom plays computer games, I do laundry, cook, sew and if I have time, a little computer game time. ROFL. That is really going to tick him off. He is responsible for all the outdoor stuff. Empty the black tank, fill the diesel for the light tower, put up and down the awning depending on the weather, and all the normal upkeep maintenance required. It actually works out pretty even.

We have a lot of wildlife that keeps us company. Wild pigs, coyotes, deer, rattlesnakes, road runners, quail, the list goes on. Dieter always kept them at a distance. They are coming closer now. We are not sure what to do about that yet. Tom has been anxious to try out the new 9mm...

Roadrunners are abundant and fun to watch.

Wild pigs or Javelina run freely. They can get very large.

This tarantula was trying to get across the road before the semi got it.  It was a close call.

The California Blue Quail are frequent visitors. The roadrunners love to eat quail eggs and the landowner loves to eat quail.  He shoots both.
That's about it. We have a great situation here. We are planning to stay through next spring.  By then we will be ready for some travel/exploration time.  We are talking about the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky, but who knows.