Restaurant Reviews

Tom and I have been finding some really neat out of the way eateries on our travels.  It is kinda like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on a much smaller scale.  LOL  Anyway, we decided to write them up here if you happen to be in the area, check them out.

August 2011

Texas Great Country Cafe - 903 S Bosque, Whitney, TX  (254)694-3608
   This is a little cafe with a huge menu.  Tom said it was the BEST breakfast we have ever eaten while on the road. I have to agree.  The menu is six pages of food and Texas trivia and wisdom like:  "Never slap a man with chewing tobacco in his mouth."  Sound advice!   The owner, Judy came by the table to say hi we had a nice chat.  Also important, they have a bakery that makes my mouth water: meringue pies, fudge pecan, strawberry...  Need I say, recommend highly

Granny Clarke's - Dublin, TX *****
     This little hole in the wall is right down the street from the original Dr Pepper factory. Small enough that you share tables with others, large enough to hold a big salad bar and separate hot buffet bar.  Remember meat loaf? The kind that just fills your mouth with savory flavors? Yep, right there in the buffet along with REAL mashed potatoes and hot rolls and cornbread.  Man it was good.  Recommend highly.

July 2011

Checkers - San Antonio, TX  ****
     This is a great little place with lots of homemade home cooking. We ate there several times and was not disappointed. They have homemade cheesecake for dessert that is amazing.  Recommend highly